Portable Baby Bottle Brush Set

Keep your baby bottles clean with a brush set that fits in any bag!
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Included in the Box

  1. Bottle Brush
  2. Brush Extender
  3. Teat Brush
  4. Straw Brush
  5. Drying Pole x4
  6. Soap Dispenser
  7. Carry Case

Thoroughly Cleans Bottles

Our brushes are equipped with 600 soft bristles to remove hard-to reach stains without scratching the insides of your bottles.

For Baby Bottles & More

Each Brush Set comes with additional brushes and tools that lets you clean other items, including metal straws and ev en your own bottles or thermos.

Designed for Travel

Take the hassle out of travel - bring your brushes with you in an unbearably cute travel case and hang your bottles to dry with a set of four drying poles!

What makes our Brush Set different?

Portable Bottle Brush Set

Other Brush Sets

Travel Friendly
600 Bristles
360° Bendable
Suitable for Non-Baby Bottles
Drying Poles Included

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