UV House Steriliser 2.0

Upgraded to better protect your baby; keep your baby happy & healthy with a Steriliser built to last up to 15 years.

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Eliminates 99.9% of Bacteria

This steriliser uses safe UVC LED rays to remove bacteria from the surface of your baby bottles, toys, cloths & more. You won't ever need to boil hot water for cleaning again!

Your Baby's Childhood Companion

With a 15 year lifespan and enough storage capacity for bigger items, you'll be able to protect your baby and family safe from bacteria from infancy to their school days.

More Than Just A Steriliser

Sterilising isn't its only function; you can even make dried fruits and yogurt from the comfort of home for both your baby and you to snack on.

Why Moms Love the UV House

UV House Steriliser

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Store up to 9 Bottles
15 Year Lifespan
Doesn't Discolor Bottles
Healthy Snacks Mode
12 Months Warranty


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