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Siti Farhana
As a nurse,i would like to say it super convenient for me as sometime we dont have time to rest in between for pumping session.
Siti nursafuraa
Senang untuk guna bagi yang bekerja. Mudah utk dipakai ke sana sini dan ringan. Mula2 guna, nipple sakit sikit menggunakan smart mode. Kali ke 2, masih sakit, saya terpaksa kurangkan tahap expression. Bunyi xla senyap sgt tp bila pakai tudung, kurang sikit bunyi. My right nipple tak friendly sangat mungkin sebab keadaan nipple saya yang retracted sikit. So far breast ringan lepas guna.
Should have one! really helpful for new parents
Sangat be
Sangat best... Pump kuat dan selesa... Really really recommended...
I like this pump, It easy to clean & light to bring anyways. Very convenient & suit for working mother. But 1 thing that i want Supermama Air Plus upgrade the bottle for easy clean and easy to pour the milk without leaving a speck..
Faten Ellyni
Really love the brush especially the small & big sponge brush. Very useful to clean my baby’s bottles and always my choice when cleaning.
Faten Ellyni
Beli sebab design cantik and stylish. Boleh letak banyak botol & compartment atas boleh jadi handbag to put your phone and all.
sy beli set double... sngt berpuas hati... suction yg ok....dan menjimatkan masa...bunyi yang slow...hingga org sblh tk mnyedari...
Siti Eriyana
Fast delivery. Sangat membantu pump susu ikut jadual yg teratur. 👍🏻
I got two of these pumps about two months ago, and loved it from the start! For starters, the cute design gives plus points for aesthetics, and the blue colour is adorable. Using the pumps themselves were very easy and simple, with not many parts for washing which is a huge advantage compared to other competitor breastpumps. Setting up the pumps are not complicated too. The units themselves are light and fit nicely within the bra. Function-wise, it has 4 modes (but to be honest I always just use the Auto mode which makes things simpler), with adjustable suction strength to make pumping comfortable. However, there can be some modifications made to improve this pump usage even more. For one, the bottles are supposed to be 5oz in size but usually by 4oz there is a tendency for milk to spill especially if I was standing and walking doing chores (which is the whole point of this kind of pump). It would be great if a bigger bottle option can be designed and offered for mamas who tend to pump more than the usual volume. This limitation also meant that I could never use these pumps while in a moving car because of fear of spillage and sloshing (I have to resort to my traditional handheld breastpump then). Secondly, the design of the bottle itself being irregular meant that one has to be delicate while washing it, as I have discovered that I could break off the tip of the hole rim in the process. Even the act of screwing the pump onto the bottle have resulted in that rim tip breaking off. There are three tips around the rim of the bottle that are small and vulnerable so perhaps this can be looked into. It is quite small that if it broke off during screwing or during pumping, it would not be noticed and could end up in the milk. Thirdly, the battery life. It was very good within the first week, whereby I could use the pump without charging for nearly 3 days straight (with 3-4 pumping sessions per day, about 20 minutes each). After that 1-2 weeks though, I just had to charge the pump on a daily basis to be on the safe side, or every 1.5 days if I was staying at home. Battery life is always a problem in all breastpumps that I have used before, so this pump is still good compared to most. All in all, would I recommend this pump to friends? Yes! (despite the weaknesses I mentioned earlier). I have a medical condition that is worsened by the common posture during breastpumping with a conventional breastpump (arms tucked in, wrists flexed) so this breastpump is a hugeee lifesaver. I also love the fact that my hands are totally hands free to do anything during the 30 minutes I am pumping, without worrying about wires and tubings. Please do improve on the bottle size and design, and you will literally have a perfect device here.
Thus is what want .TQ supermamalab for such quality product
Siti Nur Ain Abdul Muin
Super easy to use ❤️
Siti Nur Ain Abdul Muin
The best cooler bag ever !
Super trendy bag, love it ❤️
Really happy with this sterelizer!! So far botol2 semua memang kering and senang boleh simpan terus dlm sterelizer. Storage besar, boleh muat banyak botol and pump equipment. Sangat senang guna. With just one touch, boleh kering, sterelize and simpan. Very useful and keeps your bottles in hygiene condition.
Design is perfect for modern mom. The bag is very light to carry but the cooler section is soft not sturdy.
Sangat best. saya begitu teruja. saat mengepam tidak berasa sakit. sangat2 berbaloi
Anna S
The best breast pump i have ever owned! They are silent, the size is not bulky, the suction is super! I own too many breast pumps. I even had purchased wearable pumps from the US and UK through personal shoppers. But the pumps unfortunately did not meet our expectations. Problems include leak, thats awful because i have lost too much milk from the leak problem. Even their users shared too many hacks for the £500 breast pumps. But supermama Air+ is the best. The seller is very helpful. They even replaced the sealing caps with the upgraded ones. And its proven! They are leak-proof and have better suction! Love love love! By the way, I just ordered 2 extra sealing caps and 3 sets of bottles+lids and 2 breasts shields. I cant wait to receive them❤️
Converted to handsfree breastpump from wired pump and I chose Supermama due to its design. The pros are: 1. very gentle, 2. convenient and portable to bring everywhere, 3. space-saving (compared to the previous wired pump that I was using). 4. easy to assemble and take apart for washing 5. wash-friendly parts 6. not heavy when placed in the bra The cons are: 1. the storage bottle is quite hard to wash due to its design. 2. the noise is still quite loud imo (but this is very subjective to each user). Well, the pros outweighed the con so 5 stars!
Very convenient. Love it soooo much
Nazatul Shima
Highly recommended. Easy to use, the suction comfortable & soft. Love it
i had the first batch bp. leak problem during pumping. i contact supermama team for a upgraded version of the bottle and no more leakage problem. Soft suction but able to yeild lot of bm. i am exclusive pumping, this breastpump a great to use at work ,no bulging cuz the design are sleek.
Really worth buying this. Making my life easier in cleaning, sterilising and drying my baby bottles. Just wash bottles and put in this house, bottles are ready every morning for me to prepare for my baby's milk to BS. Every penny well spent!!
Qui Kuan See
Very fashion design and easy storage!
Qui Kuan See
Highly recommended for this milk pump! Pretty design and easy bring over every where!