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NEW! Supermama AirPury – Portable Air Purifier (with Anion)

Hello , Fresh Air !

Supermamalab help people stay aware of the air around them, and provide the means to clean it up. We are committed to create the safest environment for children grow, starting with the air they breathe.

Hepa 13 removes 99.996% of contaminants down to 0.1microns

539 Reviews
The best pump ever 👍 tapi ada minor leaking everytime keluarkan breastpump. Dan lagi best kalau supermama boleh keluarkan kapasiti bottle yg lebih besar (currently 5 oz). Part nak cuci bottle pun leceh sikit sbb design dia. Something needs to be improved. Others are very okay 👍
Warms up milk in a very short time and easy to carry around.
Nor Laili Ahmad
Super easy to use!! Senang utk dibawa ke mana2. Cuma milk collector/container boleh di upgrade supaya lebih besar. Overall ok.
Sitti moning
Tq sepermama sangat mudah Dan menyeang kerja2 harian Tanpa perlu bersembunyi Di bilik uuntuk mempump Susu🥰semoga saya dapat menyusukan bayi saya secara eksklusif
Shelly Teo
Chia Zhi Wei
看到广告入手的,之前买的都很不方便很占位子,这个我觉得刚刚好,还不会很重也不会有什么异味。 值得入手,推荐。
Elaine Yeoh
Excellent Product for my baby .
Siti Nuraini
Very good product quality. Fast delivery.
Thank you seller for the extra effort in making sure the items arrive to their customers safely! I received all of them in good condition.
Terbaik dan cpt smpai.
Michelle Kee
Like it, Will buy again for my family as well.
Aini Fatimah
This make me feel safe when I bring my baby to inject. TQVM
Lovenyaaa😍😍😍 everything perfect. Xda rosak, delivery pon pantas.
Super satisfied with the seller service! I did ask a lot of question regarding the product, seller patiently answer them one by one and without being annoyed. Item came in excellent condition + wrapped really nicely and the seller was really polite & prompt in both replies!
Eyda Rahman
This easy to clip and keep it. I love it so much.
Koh Pei Yu
Super fast delivery.. nice wrapping.. My first time using Air Pury.. Size is good .. seller kind enough to brief ..
Good product as it function very well. Fast delivery and also seller very friendly and helpful when I have a lot of questions. Recommended❤👍
Farah Anis
Barang tak besar sagat dan cantik.
Michelle Leong
Totally loving this. Everything functioning well. Feel like buying again.. Yes will do.
Sofia Aina
-penghantaran cepat -packaging kemas -For those yg nk try beli air pury i would to recommend this brand 👍👍 u won't regret.. I'm satisfied
Takde apa apa nak comment sebab semua terbaik.
Nuraini Binti Zairu
It is silent, I even using my baby sleeping, excellent
Thank you. Items r well packed & i received in a good condition.
Item received. Thankss. Items well packaged. The airpury is so cute😍
Nice.. Barang sampai dengan selamat...function dengan baik...