Mini but Mighty

NEW! Supermama AirPury – Portable Air Purifier (with Anion)

Hello , Fresh Air !

Supermamalab help people stay aware of the air around them, and provide the means to clean it up. We are committed to create the safest environment for children grow, starting with the air they breathe.

Hepa 13 removes 99.996% of contaminants down to 0.1microns

569 Reviews
Nurul Ashifa
Look easy n friendly 😍
Sangat bagus untuk tadah susu yang keluar sentiasa. Dah takde masalah baju basah
Siti Rahmah
Memudahkan. Suction sgt membantu.
Very convenient with great suction .. highly recommended
Very convenient to collect milk when my baby latch on another side 👍
Yan ahmad
Senang nak dibawa..cuma kena upgrade bekas susu…yang lain semua ok…
Aini zakiah
I think i like this pump.. size just nice suitable for our breast
Sayjidatul Balkis
I saw my friend using this and she suggest me to buy it also because it is so convenient and lightweight and easy to use.
Loved this Egg Pump!! Able to save so much extra milk with during nursing and wearing throughout the day.
Zi Wei
This are great for when Im out and about near feeding times when I know I'm going to leak. Very Helpful..
I just received this today and am already in love! They're easy to use, not uncomfortable, and very effective!
Such a great product! Helpful when feeding and leaking. Will recommend for friend 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Kei Xin Leow
3 days after I gave birth, I started to leak like crazy! Anyway I am so glad I got this Egg Pump, can even wear with no bra! I love this things and highly recommend.
If you’re saving breast milk, buy this now!! This Egg Pump help me soooo much❤️❤️❤️ Easy to clean and sanitize as well.....
Great. suctions good. easy to use and easy to clean. 👍👍👍
Very satisfied with the Airpury.. very hard to say whether it helps or not but definitely feel the difference of not having it around.
It’s a good portable pump, however I wish that the plastic is more durable, I’m unable to twist the valve cover over the bottle.