SuperLact Plus Milk Booster

Maximise your milk supply with a superblend of all-natural ingredients; 

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Flavour: Vanilla Soy Milk

Doubles Breast Milk Production

Contains a powerful blend of ingredients to boost your natural milk supply, including Fenugreek, Milk Thistle and katuk leaves.

Rich in Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Support you and your baby's health and postpartum recovery with essential nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc & Vitamin B.

Guilt-Free Addition to A Mom's Diet

Vegan friendly & safe to drink; each serving has no added sugar, coloring or preservatives for your peace of mind.

Why Moms Choose SuperLact Plus

SLP Vanilla Box

Other Milk Boosters

Increase Milk Supply in 3 Days
No Added Sugar


Available in Portable Sachets
Contains Milk Thistle
High in Vitamins




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